"LevitateLuxe" - Enchanted Floating Bulb LED Lamp

Sale price$98.95
Emitting Color: Circular base

Product Description:

In a world where the ordinary is often too common, the LevitateLuxe Lamp brings a touch of the extraordinary to your space. This isn't just a lamp; it's a gravity-defying spectacle that combines the wonders of magnetic levitation with the charm of warm, ambient lighting. It's a conversation piece that doesn't just light up a room—it captivates the imagination.

The LevitateLuxe Lamp is more than just a lighting fixture; it's a piece of modern art that illuminates your space with a touch of magic. It's perfect for those who appreciate innovation and design, and who seek to infuse their environment with a sense of wonder.

Key Features:

  • Magnetic Levitation Technology: Experience the wonder of a bulb floating in mid-air.
  • Touch-Activated: A simple touch controls the light, making it easy and magical to use.
  • Tri-Color Lighting: Choose between warm white and two other colors to match your mood or decor.
  • Energy-Efficient: Utilizes a low wattage of 0-5W for a soft, ambient glow.
  • Smart Device: Equipped with features that go beyond basic lighting.
  • Versatile Design: Available with a circular or square base to fit your style.
  • US Plug Type: Designed for compatibility with US electrical outlets.


  • Function: Antigravity decorative lamp
  • Wattage: 0-5W for energy-saving brilliance
  • Voltage: 110V for standard US voltage compatibility
  • Power Source: AC for reliable power supply
  • Light Source: Halogen Bulbs for a warm luminance
  • Bulb Size: Approximately 4.33 x 2.36 inches 
  • Base Size: Approximately 5.91 x 1.18 inches 
  • Suspension Distance: The bulb hovers about 0.59 inches above the base
  • Lighting Area: Suitable for an area of 10.76 to 32.29 square feet

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